LP-65MS Tiny V-Mount Li-ion Battery

LP-65MS Tiny V-Mount Li-ion Battery

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◆ Tiny V-mount battery, Pocket fit
◆ 1x D-tap output & charging input
◆ 1x USB 5V/2A output
◆ 4-step LED power indicator
◆ Wire-Free internal technic
◆ Multiple circuit protections


Voltage 14.8V
Capacity 65Wh
Max Output Power 50W
Max Output Current 3.5A
Mount Type V-Mount
Operation temperature -30°C ~+55°C
Net Weight Approx  0.50kg
Dimension 102x75x50mm



Hot-Swap Plate-L-TMS/A


L-TMS V-lock fitting plate developed specially for dual LITH LP series Tiny pocket-size battery.

L-TMA fitting plate developed specially to use dual  LITH LP series V mount Tiny pocket-size battery on Gold mount plate equipment.

Swap batteries without interruption for continuous power to the equipment.
Then long shooting time can be realized to power the high-power equipment with LP Tiny battery.
Low capacity alarm set. The indicator is green when the battery is full.
It will turn to red when the battery is low to remind changing the battery.
The 2*D-Tap output is equipped, convenient to power camera accessories like
on-board light, monitor, etc.
Net Weight:Approx 0.49Kg